Environmental Equipment Qualification

Red Wolf Associates performs Environmental/Equipment Qualification (EQ) analyses for electrical equipment in harsh environment applications to meet the requirements of 10CFR50.49 and related evaluations. Red Wolf Associates offers a complete range of EQ services, including assessments/support, program documentation development and updates, while fully considering the applicable program/equipment basis (i.e., DOR Guidelines, NUREG 0588 Category I or Category II). Red Wolf Associates can increase operating and accident margin while achieving cost savings by refining your EQ program's analyses. Red Wolf Associates will research potential EQ Program refinement both for the equipment and its associated environmental conditions. Red Wolf Associates provides the following EQ services:

  • Program documentation preparation and updates
  • Program documentation refinements to extend Qualified Life or gain margin
  • Program assessments/assessment support
  • Evaluations to support Equipment Operability Determinations
  • Aging analysis
  • Environmental condition calculations, including equipment surface or location based thermal lag evaluations
  • Determine actual plant normal service conditions using existing plant data sources (e.g., PI)
  • Evaluate failure criteria
  • Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Location specific evaluations (e.g., radiation shielding calculations, area specific thermal response, etc.)
  • Test strategy development
  • Activation Energy revision (when applicable)
  • Forensic analysis support